Canadian Customers

Hello and Welcome
Bonjour  et  bienvenue !
As the Watch House Equatorial Platform is fully adjustable for most of the UK , with its latitude range 470 North to 570 North, it also covers most of Northern and central Europe and the greater part of CANADA.
Please browse our website for lots of details of the platforms , how they work, and to which telescopes they are suited, etc.
If you have any questions please Email us, in English or en francais, ( le patron a habite dix annes a Paris ! ).
Shipping to Canada is by DHL or FedEx courier and costs £80.00, with full courier insurance an extra £22.00.
Please note that the buyer is liable for any import duty applied by Canadian customs.
Delivery time is 4-5 working days.
Please Email us in the first instance to place your order, and we will reply with how to pay via our secure PayPal or credit card payment system, for shipping to you in Canada .
Merci, et espérez vous voir bientôt sous les
 étoiles et les planètes
avec votre Watch House Platform ! !