The Watch House Equatorial Platform

The video slideshow gives details of the platform and how to use it , and please see Main Design and Construction Features below the video window for the Platform's key points  :

The Watch House Equatorial Platform

Main Design and Construction Features :



All bolts, nuts and fittings stainless steel or aluminium


Premium 18mm Baltic Birch Ply platform and ground board
Lloyds marine grade epoxy resins and Lloyds approved waterproof paints. 
Shielded deep groove ball bearings throughout


Quality speed adjustable quartz controlled 9v Celestron ©  telescope drive motor with integral battery 


Rolled aluminium sector bearing surfaces


Specifically designed and built for UK observers latitudes 

Fully adjustable for most UK latitudes, from 470 to 570 North 

Supplied pre-set to your home latitude
Vertical North Sector (VNS) design for low overall height and greatest stability


Tracks for 1 hour before re-set 
Fully self-contained, no external power supply needed, battery life typically 20-30 hours.


Very fast manual re-set time < 10 seconds


Supplied with magnetic compass for fast alignment and set-up for visual use 


Comprehensive set-up and alignment instructions included


Polaris based alignment method instructions included for precise applications


Takes all Commercial Dobsonian mounted telescopes available in the UK , Meade, Skywatcher, Orion-UK, Orion US, GSO, etc,etc  up to to 12 inches aperture and 120 lbs maximum weight, and most 14 inchers too. 

Also suitable for many larger aperture, home built and specialist built Dobsonian mounted telescopes ( eg David Lukehurst's premium and ultralight  telescopes up to
20 " aperture , Orion-UK standard 16"  etc, etc, ) up to 120 lbs maximum weight, which have a a Centre of Gravity of 22 inches or below. 
 (The CofG of your classical comercial Dobsonian setup will normally be roughly a couple of inches below the altitude bearing central pivot point, due to the mass of the Dobsonian base. Instructions how to measure it accurately are here.
For a "low rider" David Lukehurst type you will need to measure the CofG, but this is very unlikely to be above 22" if your scope is below 24" aperture)

rubbish comments form ill-informed idiots you may see on some forum posts such as :
 " But it can't work can it ? , I mean like , how can you balance a scope on a board tilted at like 520 from horizontal ? ? "  
The table is NOT tilted to the latitude angle, this is built into the geomerty of the system, the table of our Platforms is horizontal  when used at 52 deg latitude. 
It is Totally safe to put your scope on because :
  • The overall North/South tilt of the platform when set up anywhere from 470 North to 57 North is only 5 degrees from the horizontal.
  • The overall movement of the platform , ie East/West tilt  during one hours tracking is  only+/- 8 degrees from the mid-way horizontal & level position.
OR  " Oh Yeah, I saw one of these once , it only tracked for about 20mins...." .
If he did, then it was not one of ours ! ! !
Because of the geometry physically built into the Watch House Platform it is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to for it to track for less than 60 minutes, when running at the correct sideral rate.

If your Dobsonian is
BIGGER  than this, then please click



The platform is very portable, weighs only 18lbs and is easily carried in 2 pieces, taking less than 5 minutes to set up and align in the field.


Additionally the Platform requires no external power supply, so no mains lead tethering you to the house, and no heavy expensive 12v Powerpack either to lug about ( and forget to re-charge !) .

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