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Big Dobs

Are you interested in tracking, but own a somewhat BIGGER than average Dobsonian ?

We are currently producing small batches to order of our bigger platform, The Watch House XL, which suits Dobsonians of 16”– 20" and ultralights up to 24” aperture, which weigh less than 120lbs all up.
These platforms have bigger footprints to suit bigger rocker boxes,  upgraded bearings and drive systems, and they are currently being built to order only as they involve non-standard machining , etc.
The cost of these larger platforms is  £570.00 + £30 contribution to packing & shipping  
Below is a shot of a large 20 inch David Lukehurst Dobsonian and it's ''wheelbarrow'' transport system. Note the clever ramps the owner made to get it on and off our platform without disassembly.
The platform shown is a custom built 450  Latitude XL-Size platform built for a customer in Austria.

 In the owners back yard .....

And at a star party in the Austrian Alps. 

So.........if you have a fairly BIG Dob, and you want to  track your targets, without spending Mega $$$ on a US import system, then please contact me direct by email at :

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and remember :
" Experienced astronomers agree you increase your apparent telescope aperture by up to 40% when using tracking; you can concentrate on the object in the eyepiece, rather than moving the scope around."
 - Well known  US developer of tracking systems
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