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David Lukehurst Telescopes


David Lukehurst has been a keen amateur astronomer since the age of 10, and is a past President and Curator of Instruments of the Nottingham Astronomical Society.
He started building telescopes for himself over 20 years ago and from this he evolved into becoming a professional telescope maker. He was very impressed by the descriptions of truss-tube Dobsonians in the American magazine Telescope Making in the 1980s, especially the designs of David Kriege.
David now specialises in making his own variations of this type of large, stable, and highly portable, truss-tube Dobsonian telescope with Premium optics.

Sizes up to 10-inches diameter normally use closed aluminium tubes. Dobsonians of 12-inches and larger are of Truss-tube construction, which makes them highly portable for their aperture, compact when disassembled for storage and quick and easy to dismantle and reassemble.

The mountings are made from high-grade exterior plywood and are carefully sealed and painted making the telescopes durable, attractive, highly functional and easy to use. They are supplied with a high quality finder as standard.

The classic design Dobsonians  have 1/4-wave PTV wavefront accuracy mirrors, (Plate Glass to 14-inches, then low-expansion glass). These perform extremely well and are what is often referred to as "diffraction limited". (See: http://www.bbastrodesigns.com/ratemirrors.html  for a detailed review of the many ways of describing mirror quality).

Higher accuracy mirrors, other sizes and different focal ratios are available

David's "De-Luxe editions" use top specification 1/10th-wave PTV wavefront low-expansion glass mirrors with Certificate of Conformity and  MoonLite® CR2 Dual-speed low-profile Crayford focusers.
Some examples of these exceptional instruments are shown below.
A David Lukehurst Classic 16" f5 Dobsonian telescope
David with a larger 24" f4 instrument
David with his own design 22" f3.6 ultra-portable Dobsonian
David builds a range of these high quality telescopes from 12" to 24" aperture to the classical Dobsonian design and also a range of portable and ultra-portable telescopes, using premium quality optical components, to his own design.
All of the Dobsonian telescopes are individually made in David's workshop in Nottingham & to date David  has made over 175 of these superb telescopes.
Many of David's telescopes can be used with the Watch House Equatorial Platform to give a transportable large aperture tracking Dobsonian system, up to 16" aperture in the classic range and up to 20" aperture in the ultra-portable range.
Please follow the link below to visit David's web site :