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Photos of Scopes on our Platforms

Here are some images of our customers,and our own,  Dobsonians on Watch House Equatorial Platforms.............
Customers 14 inch Orion UK Dob on a standard size 
UK platform,  ( with an amazing empty skyline ! )

Customers 15 inch Obsession Dob on a
standard size  UK platform

Customers 10 inch GSO on a standard size UK platform
doing some imaging under light polluted Skies in Austria
Customers 10 inch UK Orion equipped with a Nexus object location
system,  using an  IDOL fitting kit, on a standard size UK Platform

Customers 12 inch UK orion on a standard size UK platform

Customers 12 inch Skywatcher on a home made mount and
standard size UK Platform

Our travel scope : 10 inch GSO f5 Newtonian OTA and classic
home built Dobsonian mount on a standard size UK platform.

Customers 16 inch Orion UK Dobsonian on a
standard size UK platform.
Our vintage 8 inch equatorial mounted
Newtonian on a standard size UK  platform.
Note - Platforms are not JUST for Dobsonians ! !
Customers 20 inch classic David Lukehurst Dobsonian
on an XL-size custom built 45o latitude platform in Austria .
The same customers 20 inch classic Dob on the  
XL-size  platform at a star party in 2011 in the Austrian Alps
Portability is everything !! 
Customers heavily modified Carbon Fibre OTA ( !! )  Orion Optics UK 16 inch Dobsonian with Nexus object location, and an  IDOL fitting kit and a standard size platform ( vertically on the right hand side)

The boss's weapon of choice -- 12 inch Orion US Dobsonian
"intelliscope" on a standard sized UK platform, at home in Cornwall. 

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