IDOL - Intelligence Driven Object Location for YOUR Dobsonian

 Boost  the object location of your Dobsonian into the 21st Century with our latest product  :   
Intelligence Driven Object Location(IDOL) ,incorporating Nexus  
By fitting IDOL to your Dobsonian you can : 
  • Control the pointing of your Dobsonian telescope effectively & wirelessly from a hand held touch screen device  (i-Phone, i-Pad, i-Pod touch, Android smart phone or tablet PC, or even a normal laptop) through Nexus.


  • Use the latest astronomy planetarium software e.g. SkySafari3-plus or pro as your intuitive graphical interface .


  • Use the latest 10,000 step encoders in our kits to get telescope positional accuracy of almost 1/30th of a degree*. 


  • Benefit from all of the location routines built into the best astronomy software programs directly linked to your telescope's exact position, including point & shoot touch screen object identification, object databases etc . 


  • IDOL kits for just about all Dobsonian mounted Telescopes are available .  


 *obtaining similar accuracy in actual object location is of course totally dependent on the accuracy of the construction of your Dobsonian mount, your alignment accuracy, your telescope setup and other factors beyond our control.
Complete IDOL Kits (incorporating Nexus)  for less than the cost of a top end wide field eyepiece !!! 
How IDOL  works :
1) You fit our state-of-the-art 10,000  step per revolution (tics) optical encoders to your Dobsonian, using your own hardware or a one of our the tailor made hardware fitting kits and fully illustrated photo instructions.
2) The encoders are then connected to the Nexus wireless device with the custom cables provided.
3) Once powered up Nexus interprets the signals from the encoders and translates them into positional co-ordinates that can be recognised by most astronomy software programs.
We recommend SkySafari3-plus which we think is the best and which is directly downloadable from the net to your device (and less than £10  !).
Nexus constantly broadcasts these coordinates wirelessly to your hand set ( i-Phone, i-Pad etc) . SkySafari3 plus uses these coordinates to update your telescope's pointing position in its live sky map display up to 10x per second to a potential accuracy of 0.036 of a degree i.e. 2 arc minutes in both Alt and Az .
IDOL & Nexus work with i-Phone, i-Pad, i-Pod touch, Android smart phone** or tablet PC, or even just a normal laptop as your graphical interface .
You then have direct & accurate control over the pointing of your telescope, and you can use all of the object location routines and information built into SkySafari3 plus  to find those elusive objects first time, every time ! !
TIME TO FORGET clunky old fashioned  "2 line 16 character dot matrix" displays , a throwback to the 1970's - by communicating with your 'scope through Nexus, SkySafari3 plus  shows you a detailed real sky display image in real time with your telescope's pointing position represented by cross hairs and/or telrad circles. SkySafari3 plus is touch screen driven, has a huge object and database including comets, asteroids and all the big catalogues, masses of object information, images, etc. 
Using an IDOL equipped Dobsonian is as easy as 1-2-3  :
1) Alignment of the telescope is very easy, as SkySafari3 plus supports either one or two star alignment, and YOU pick the stars you want to align on.
Just choose a star, move the OTA until the crosshairs are on the target and touch align. 
An simple one star alignment takes less than one minute ( see our video HERE ) , and accurate two star alignment takes 2 minutes maximum.
[you can subsequently re-align, ( ie calibrate the 'scopes position)  on any object the entire  database if you wish, as you move around the sky, for instance to get best possible accuracy within a given constellation/ area , or to align on a bright star near to your faint NGC target, etc  ].
2) You then pick your target from the 31,000+ deep sky objects available in the SkySafari3 plus database, or by zooming in the interactive sky map and touching an object, and then with a single touch command, centre the SkySafari3 plus display onto your target. See our video demonstrations HERE .  
3) Now just move the telescope smoothly until the reported  " green target  Alt / Az " and " white telescope Alt / Az"  values on the display match, centre the crosshairs/telrad circles representing the telescope's position on the display on the target and ...... BINGO object in the eyepiece.
SkySafari3 plus also contains a huge database of information about your targets, including astronomical data, both text and graphics, ie discovery history, technical data, NASA and Hubble images, etc, all at your fingertips whilst at the eyepiece, see below for more details .
For more information on how to equip YOUR Dobsonian with IDOL & Nexus, and for a flavor of how it will transform your observing sessions by intelligent object location you can :
  • Click HERE for our videos of SkySafari3 plus in action with IDOL&Nexus on our Dobsonians .
  • Click HERE for full details of the IDOL kits for mounting Nexus on your DobsonianTelescope.


  • Click HERE for more details of the program SkySafari3.
  • Click HERE for photos of examples of the IDOL system mounted on Dobsonian telescopes.
  • Click HERE for full details of the Nexus wireless device.
So stop sweating and searching for those elusive targets and spend your time learning about them and above all observing them instead ........................ become an IDOL astronomer !


 Image credit:  Hubble telescope
The pinwheel galaxy, a typical target which can be easily found in under 1 minute after a basic alignment with a  Dobsonian equipped with IDOL and Nexus.
 21st Century Object Location