IDOL-Videos recorded with an i-Phone as interface

 These videos were all recorded using IDOL & Nexus on our 16 inch Dobsonian.
The display device is an i-Phone 4.
No post processing magic applied, all real video footage .
1)  Align your IDOL equipped  Dobsonian in 45 seconds :

Align your IDOL Dobsonian in 45 seconds !


 2)  How to use the Scopelock feature in SkySafari3 :

Using scope lock in Skysafari3


 3)  Observing Bode's Nebulae with our IDOL equipped Dobsonian  :

Observing Bode's nebulae with an IDOL Dobsonian


4)  Observing Mars with our IDOL equipped Dobsonian

Observing Mars with an IDOL Dobsonian


 5)  Finding the Leo triplet with our IDOL equipped Dobsonian

Finding the Leo triplet with an IDOL Dobsonian

More videos will be added as time goes on, given some decent clear skies !!