What is an Equatorial Platform?


What is an Equatorial Platform ?

The above video slideshow attempts to explain simply how the idea of an Equatorial tracking Platform is derived from a classical driven Equatorial mount.
Essentially a tracking platform converts your Dobsonian mounted telescope into a motor driven polar aligned Equatorially mounted telescope system.
Many hundreds of these Equatorial Platforms have been built for Dobsonian mounted telescopes, and the theory works superbly in practice.
The Dobsonian mounted telescope, sits on a small platform which then rotates the whole telescope and its mount, and thus the telescope tracks celestial objects as they drift across the sky.
To work well equatorial platforms have to be very carefully designed and built to match the latitude of the observer, and then made with quality materials to quite close tolerances. They also need to be accurately driven, either by a precisely geared speed variable DC motor, or by a more complex electronically controlled stepper motor capable of providing accurately a sufficiently slow rotation speed.
The Watch House Equatorial Platform, of course, meets all of these Design Criteria.